we pay top cash for gold and silver.

What We Buy?

  • Necklaces

  • Rings

  • Bracelets

  • Earrings

  • Dental Gold

  • Watches

  • Gold Coins

  • Silver Coins

  • Silver Jewelry

  • Silver Flatware

We buy just about anything that contains 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, or 24K gold. From wedding rings to dental gold and everything in between.* And we take more than just gold. We also accept silver and platinum.

How can I tell what my jewelry or item is made of?


The easiest way to determine what kind of precious metal is in your item is to identify the markings, which are usually found in some inconspicuous place on your piece.

These are some of the most common markings that indicate your jewelry is made of precious materials:

  • 10 karat gold - 10k, 10kt, 416

  • 14 karat gold - 14k, 14kt, 585

  • 18 karat gold - 18k, 18kt, 750

  • 22 karat gold - 22k, 22kt, 916

  • 24 karat gold - 24k, 24kt

  • Silver - Sterling, 925, Silver. We do not buy silver plated items.

  • Platinum - 950 PT, Platinum, Plat

  • 1/10 GF or 1/20 GF means that the item is Gold Filled. We are unable to make an offer on these items.

  • Vermeil refers to items which are made of sterling silver and have a gold plating. We purchase these items based on silver value.


How does it work?


Your items will be weighed on a jeweler’s scale. It is then tested for precious metal content so that we can determine its cash value. The price we pay you is based on a percentage of the daily NYMEX market value of the day you bring in your items.*


Is there any items that Title Loan Express will not buy?


Title Loan Express will not purchase stolen items, non-precious metals, plastic, or glass. We will not purchase any items in which any identifying marks are scratched off or otherwise altered. We are unable to make offers on items that are gold filled, gold plated, silver plated or costume jewelry.

If you have any items that are not on the list, or you are not sure what it is, please feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will be more than happy to assist you.

At Title Loan Express we pride ourselves on fair and honest transactions and hope that we can build a great relationship with each and every customer we serve.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority!

If at any point within 48 hours of selling your items you are not 100% Satisfied. Simply return your uncashed check and we will return your items to you. GUARANTEED!

* We accept gold or silver jewelry with gemstones, but they are not considered in determining the cash value of your item.

** To be eligible to sell gold, silver, or other precious metal items, you must be at least 19 years of age in Alabama and you must present a valid Drivers License, State I.D. or Government I.D. Title Loan Express will issue funds in the form of a check.